Randy Pangalila’s Profile


Randy Pangalila was born in October 19th 1990, is an Indonesian actor. Randy had Manado, Netherlands, and Java blood.

Randy began widely known after a role in soap opera Cinta Fitri (2007).
Before playing in the soap, Randy began his career in the entertainment industry by becoming a model, and also a martial arts athlete (TaeKwonDo Black Belt). Currently, he extends his ability in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also Mixed Martial Art.

In addition, Randy also has a singing talent with accompanying Atlantis Band as a popular singer with a Kisah Yang Sempurna song. Randy even contribute vocals for the movie song trace ”Oh Baby” with Lewat Semesta and Tanpamu
Ku Tak Bisa song.

Weight & Height : 70 kg & 175 cm



Oh Baby (2008)
Kutukan Suster Ngesot (2009)
Saya Cinta, Bajingan (2009)
Pasangan Romantis (2010)
Tiga Cinta (2010)


Alisha (soap opera) (2007) (Sue Banget
Cinta Fitri Season 1, Season 3, and Season Ramadhan (2007-2009)
Cinta Kirana(2008)
Karissa (2008)
I Love You (2009)
Sumpah I Luv U (2009)
Hafizah (2009-2010)
Putih Merah (2010)
Cinta Melody (2010)
Cinta Piano
Nada Cinta (2011)
Kian 1,2,3
Biar Mimpi Sampai Ke Bintang (2011) – With Malaysian actress Aishiteru
Si Miskin & Si Kaya
Dalam Hati Ada Taman – With Malaysian actress (Elfira Loy) (2012)
Raja Dan Aku (2012)
Benci vs Cinta – With Malaysian Actress (Nora Danish)
Juna Cinta Juni (2013)
Terbang Bersamamu (2013)
Putri Duyung (2013)
Manusia Harimau (2014)
Bromo (2015)
Raja (2016) Sinetron



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Lewat Semesta
Tanpamu Kutakbisa
Everything I Need

Selalu MiIikmu (Duet with Marsha Milan Londoh)
I Need You (Nada Cinta OST)
Kisah Yang Sempurna (Atlantis)